What Makes the True Wireless Earbuds Sound Experience Exceptional?

At True Wireless Earbuds, we believe that every earbud should have a built-in promise that it will deliver a superior listening experience.

The True Wireless Earbuds Pro Sound Experience is made possible through the use of the best drivers and audio codecs out there. We also make all of our products with omnidirectional speakers so that they work seamlessly with any device.

Drivers are pieces of equipment that play audio signals created by an electrical signal. They are typically attached to an earbud or a speaker. The quality of their sound depends on the kind of driver that is used.

There are five kinds of drivers for headphones or earbuds:


Balanced armature

Planar magnetic



The dynamic type is a type of driver that is simpler to use and doesn't require much power to reach high-volume outputs. This type of driver is ideal for wireless earbuds as it can conserve your charge and provide longer listening sessions. And that is why our wireless earbuds are made with dynamic type drivers.

Furthermore to delivering better volume, dynamic drivers also offer a better bass sound quality.


Omnidirectional speakers distribute sound in both directions. They are great for people who are at an angle from the speaker or their earbud.

Omnidirectional speakers distribute sound in a different direction, keeping the quality of sound intact even if you are at an angle or not completely in place with your earbud.

True Wireless Earbuds Pro designs are made to deliver a premium listening experience no matter what position you are in. They are equipped with omnidirectional speakers and dynamic drivers to allow you to hear music at any volume without losing sound quality.

Noise cancellation feature is also included to provide better sound quality. With our wireless earbuds you will feel like you are in the concert that too in a front row.

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