3 Do's and Don'ts of Wearing True Wireless Earbuds

Most of us carry around headphones or earbuds in our ears. They make our lives easier, make our work look better, or just enjoy listening to music.

There are few things to consider while wearing your earbuds and avoid being uncomfortable, rude, or just plain unsafe.

Size of Ear Tip

These days earbuds have ear tips that are designed to provide a comfortable fit in your ear. These tips are usually sized to fit most ear sizes. In most cases, these ear tips come with different sized tips that allow you to change them out.

Too small an earbud tip can cause issues with your music quality and volume on top of an uncomfortable feel in your ear. So make sure to choose the right ear tips from the true wireless earbuds package you receive.


We tend to crank up the volume when we don't want to hear any of the surrounding noise. Listening at too loud volume can lead to chronic headaches and hearing loss. This habit should be avoided when wearing headphones and earbuds.

So make sure that you’re listening at a maximum volume of 85 decibels to avoid experiencing headaches and hearing loss.

Not everyone knows how to calculate the dBs of music. Don't worry, it means just about three-fourths of the volume output on most devices.

Having a Conversation

Being courteous to others when wearing earbuds is very important. Whether you are a school kid or a professional, it is a good practice to take them out when talking to people. Not only are they rude, but they can also feel disrespected when you speak to someone with earbuds on.

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