New AR/VR headset from Apple might use processing power from IOS devices

The rumoured AR/VR headset that Apple is developing is designed to work seamlessly with another device, but it might require a bit of processing power to connect to an iPhone or a Mac.

According to a report, the new chip doesn't have the neural engine that powers AI, but it's designed to be more capable of handling wireless data transmission and video compression. It's more designed to work seamlessly for streaming data from another device reducing the processing load on itself.

According to sources, it will be designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, and it will remove unused parts of the chip. This will help extend its battery life.

It still has its own processor and GPU, which suggests it might be able to work in a basic stand-alone mode.

Rumours about an augmented reality device from Apple have been around for years. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the company is working on a device that will be called a “helmet-type” headset, and it's expected to launch in 2022, though this could be very tight to get done in a year.

For now, we don’t really know what the AR/VR experience will be like, or how it will work seamlessly across various platforms.

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