50 million Premium and Music subscribers milestone for Youtube

According to Google, around 50 million people are now subscribers to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. This figure shows that the number of people who are looking to make the jump to the paid tier is still growing.

It’s not exactly clear how many people are using YouTube Music or Google’s other music-streaming services, but the company has called it the fastest-growing platform in the industry. Variety also noted that Spotify has more than 165 million subscribers, Apple Music about 78 million.

YouTube Music Premium is a $9.99 a month service that lets users stream ad-free music. It also gives users the ability to watch YouTube videos ad-free. This is a great deal for people who typically watch non-music content on the platform.

It’s not clear what caused the increase in subscribers, but it’s likely that the number of people using the service grew due to the termination of its Play Music service in 2019. Both Play Music and YouTube Music also jointly had 15 million subscribers in 2019.

Without breakdown it’s difficult to tell exactly what Google’s response is to the uptick in people wanting to watch videos without ads or looking for alternatives to Spotify and Apple Music. However, it’s clear that more people are interested in the company’s paid offerings.

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